About Our Movement

Behind the Ledger

BitcoinX is a token issued on the XRPL designed to address the inherent problem's found in the Bitcoin proof of work algorithm. BitcoinX being issued on the XRPL inherits the characteristics of the XRP blockchain, solving many of the energy waste, 51% attack vulnerability, financial exclusion, expensive fee, and slow transaction time issues found in the Bitcoin network. BitcoinX has already distributed 20,000,000 of it's 21,000,000 total supply to the public through it's airdrop mechanism, putting 95.2% of the total coins in the hands of it's community. 


BitcoinX issued a total supply of 21,000,000 and blackholed the issuing wallet so no more tokens can ever be created.

  • 20,000,000 BTCX (0.9523%) were distributed to the community via the airdrop mechanism verifiable on the blockchain (all you have to do is look).

  • A 20,000 BTCX giveaway is currently in progress.

  • More giveaways are planned in the coming weeks to reduce the developer’s holdings as this token is meant to be for the people and promote organic financial inclusion and growth.

  • Developers currently hold less than 5% of the total supply which continues to decrease.

Our broad vision for the project is heavily focused on the concept of financial inclusion. Long have been the days where individuals provide services and good using their talents and skills working for a company or corporation that capitalizes on their workers efforts and extracts value from said efforts. This creates centralized extraction of value from many people to a single entity while compensating workers nominally for their contribution. The majority of the value goes to the business owner or corporation, while little of the value goes to the worker or skilled individual.

At BitcoinX we strive to see this centralization of value extraction become decentralized.

The core principal of our broad vision is Equanimity, a level playing field for everyone.

BitcoinX (BTCX) is tradable on the Sologenic DEX

Or on XRP Toolkit